I am Alex Dunphy!

This week Modern Family aired an episode in which Alex the younger, super together, daughter in the Dunphy family has a “breakdown” on her sixteenth birthday. Hours following the breakdown, she found herself a counselor and made an appointment because she is that responsible. As I watched Alex in her therapy session, I began to … More I am Alex Dunphy!


Swimming in a sea of perfection I swallow it down drowning in chlorine She’s better He’s better they’re all better What am I? Right left right breathe in right exhale exhale exhale “it’s humbling,” she says expecting to be perfect the first time in a new pool after an injury I look and remember grateful … More Imperfectly!


I slipped on my Women’s size 6 gray and teal Chuck Taylor’s and stood up it was 70 degrees outside December A slight summer-like breeze brushed through the apartment hugging me wishing me luck All my belongings packed, stacked outside in a large truck the inside empty– I couldn’t help but remember that first day … More Dissolve