Artist Remind

Remember to write, you are a writer no matter what they say, Remember to create, you are a an artist ignore, avoid, cleanse yourself of the inconsistent threads, whispers of you aren’t and you can’t Just do today, now, tomorrow, then between the must do’s and should do’s fill the space and liberate your insides … More Artist Remind


Teacher:  Class I have found an area where we can be more successful. Students (continue low chatter aka no one cares) Teachers:  Ladies and gentlemen, listen up.  Today is about one word…revision. [Students stare back blankly; one considers asking to go to the bathroom.] Teacher:  That’s right!  I said it!  Revision!  Listen to this.  Revision … More Re:Vision

Twelve New Standards

As my year off, sabbatical, leave of absence, whatever you want to call it comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back and search for meaning.  When I embarked on these past twelve months, I was so sure I would be standing in a glowing white light of understanding and newness.  Some of … More Twelve New Standards


I see it in the distance hear its whispers, calling out my name and I sit at the edge, feet dangling freely, belly gurgling with questions of uncertainty: should I continue? is it good enough? does it matter? is it worthy? Then it drifts into sight again it’s in front of me now so I … More Propel


Each year I get a little closer to a little better at– it. and its so easy to forget this— that this year I’ll get even closer and next year, who knows.

My Line Defined

One year ago, a post I wrote during NaBloPoMo got me in trouble with a loved one.  It upset this person bad enough that I took the post down.  After this explosive event with my loved one, I took quite a bit of time off blogging to reconsider why I still do it and does … More My Line Defined