Hibernate this time instinctively follow it, never doubting it. Hibernate next time without blame or anger, leave frustration now. Hibernate every time it’s correct and organic, stop defining it. No wrongs come from this only rhythmic movements, allow them to flow.

At Spring’s Break

After great pain, a formal feeling comes Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs The stiff Heart questions will I ever be light again? Am I good enough, or good at all? Will the sun warm my insides bright and kind? The Feet, mechanical, go round right, left, right, left the tiny hand on a clock ticking … More At Spring’s Break

Girl Talk

Last week on a rainy cold winter’s eve, my colleagues and I decided to treat ourselves for manis, pedis, and dinner in Crystal City.  It had been a long week spent on field trips and we had one day before Winter Break.  S and I were a bit hungry so we ended up at Jaleo’s … More Girl Talk