Sharp Curve

It’s Four O’clock here,  the day your dream comes to fruition. It’s four o’clock here, I envision you cradling him in your arms, wrapped up like a burrito and I see her: twenty-six, khakis, yellow t-shirt, black flats she stands in the doorway looking at the class library, the one she spent her own money … More Sharp Curve


Yesterday, I saved them all. How? From what? Well, let’s start at the beginning. It was the end of the day on the top floor; AC had not been turned on yet. While across the street sat the fancy mansion, we stunk in our dripping classroom. Open all the windows, I commanded. All six flew … More Superhero

Friday’s Schedule

Period one:  Close eyes to meditate with a circle of eleven eighth graders, hear a giggle, slide eyes open and supervise with stern looks.  Try to meditate with eyes open. Period two:  Lose track of time, get up to pick up snack; bell rings two steps away from classroom door.  Rush to get snack anyway, … More Friday’s Schedule


Teacher:  Class I have found an area where we can be more successful. Students (continue low chatter aka no one cares) Teachers:  Ladies and gentlemen, listen up.  Today is about one word…revision. [Students stare back blankly; one considers asking to go to the bathroom.] Teacher:  That’s right!  I said it!  Revision!  Listen to this.  Revision … More Re:Vision

10 Ways to Keep Your Marbles as an English Teacher.

 Move, move, move!  I know sounds like common sense and even dumb as teachers spend most of their day on their feet, but usually we end up standing or moving in the same ways over and over again.  Thus tensing the same muscles, never releasing them fully.  So, when you have thirty seconds in between … More 10 Ways to Keep Your Marbles as an English Teacher.