Semester’s End

After an entire semester during which we battled: you versus me, debating every minute point till we were both left exhausted and empty After what felt like endless one-on-one hallway conferences, during which I attempted to listen, truly listen, to all your feelings and give you objective feedback Today We: you and me, dressed in … More Semester’s End

And then goodbye…

Today we sat like equals and discussed my blog post, your preference of teaching styles and giggled like old pals under the  burning sun on the red picnic tables air thick with pollen minutes after you left, well we asked you to leave for adult time another slew rotated in under the  burning sun on … More And then goodbye…

Dress Code? Honor Me.

It’s an 80 degree May day,  I am sitting in front of twelve students, my advisees. Six eighth grade girls; six eighth grade boys. My twelfth year coming to an end and I have had this conversation hundreds of times with classes, individual girls; as fighting matches with my female students in the hallway, as … More Dress Code? Honor Me.

Sharp Curve

It’s Four O’clock here,  the day your dream comes to fruition. It’s four o’clock here, I envision you cradling him in your arms, wrapped up like a burrito and I see her: twenty-six, khakis, yellow t-shirt, black flats she stands in the doorway looking at the class library, the one she spent her own money … More Sharp Curve


Yesterday, I saved them all. How? From what? Well, let’s start at the beginning. It was the end of the day on the top floor; AC had not been turned on yet. While across the street sat the fancy mansion, we stunk in our dripping classroom. Open all the windows, I commanded. All six flew … More Superhero

Friday’s Schedule

Period one:  Close eyes to meditate with a circle of eleven eighth graders, hear a giggle, slide eyes open and supervise with stern looks.  Try to meditate with eyes open. Period two:  Lose track of time, get up to pick up snack; bell rings two steps away from classroom door.  Rush to get snack anyway, … More Friday’s Schedule