Every task, on paper and mind, Crossed off— With the luxury of a clean house, Lit up with pastels at every corner It must be April, when the frost of winter is already a distant memory and every thing is coming up! Advertisements

Neighborhood Beat

She peck, peck, pecks rhythmically drumming a beat that fills our upstairs. It’s sharp and sudden, making me panic.  I listen closely, following it to its origin. I imagine her dominant body, wings, and beak: large and threatening, even. The drumming vibrates through my roof and at first, I’m excited–it’s spring I think and dance … More Neighborhood Beat

At Spring’s Break

After great pain, a formal feeling comes Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs The stiff Heart questions will I ever be light again? Am I good enough, or good at all? Will the sun warm my insides bright and kind? The Feet, mechanical, go round right, left, right, left the tiny hand on a clock ticking … More At Spring’s Break


Tiny yellow buttercups sprinkle the lawn–Cool Brightly lit daffodils sprung like a school pinky-blue skies brushed late Not one seed speaks, speaks so straight Harsh winter winds rush away in sin Bright rays float down smooth–like gin preparations are made just for June Spring is coming, is coming real soon! Thanks RosieSmrtiePants for the idea … More Soon!