Green with Memory

Moist air tangles my hair and I absorb patches of grass on mountains in the distance through the thin strands of black that brush my cheeks. Each color a distinct memory of hiking the hills of Kharmunghat tagging along, unsupervised, with my brother and his friends–just one of the guys. The distance between my two … More Green with Memory


Pictures of us strung together, on popcorn garlands coast through the day. “Smile with your teeth; stand here; put your arm around her; stand like a man; sit like a girl” Their words— the ones we banded together to rebel against, as an unified army of two. Battles upon battles we fought; you covering the … More Tight

Ode to My Brah

Christmas of 1995.  Sam and I were independent enough to give presents using our funds.  It was an exciting time.  I knew exactly what I was going to get him:  Dave Barry’s newest book.  I hunted for it at our local bookstore in Greenbelt and wrapped it a week before.  Every time I walked by … More Ode to My Brah