Soft streams of light tread across the dark floorboards, cold, warm and I kayak along them gently paddling my way towards, away fluttering my fingers in the light I trace figure eights in the air beside me slide my chin in and around a circle The slight burn skims my lips and my lungs expand in … More Here

I’m Home

   A spritz of salty sea water sweeps my skin, wisps of thin hair tickle my cheek, under the fleecey warmth of our sun. This coast, these concrete paths, the speckles of diamonds skipping across the bay, this weaving breeze that kisses the back of my neck–all of whom greet me as family. And I, … More I’m Home

The Premiere

The leaves sizzle on the wind dangling in crowds like kids on monkey bars. They twinkle in the early evening sky: stripes of green, yellow, brown. I see them for the first time, truly alive, declaring silence and stillness in breathy whispers. Masses of box-squared frames speed past; their owners vacuumed into a throbbing cacophony. … More The Premiere

My Space

Clear Green Private Silent One Gently she emerges From Thin Thin Air To drink quiet life Birds, crickets, squirrels, deer gather A meeting of life Holding hands together They drink it up! Clear Green Private Silent One