It is. the end of your day; the start of my weekend. You are. driving home most likely, maybe cursing the traffic, maybe the town, maybe smiling in the rearview mirror at your son, maybe singing to him while he screams bloody murder. I am. soaking in a tub, staring at my blank screen, writing … More Interval

Me to You

I’m me,  You’re you Can we still be? With yours that’s yours, a clashing array of lines that used to intersect with mine that’s mine— I’m me. You’re you. Our lines now parallel or even farther, no longer intersect in that delicious laughter and hyperbolic spontaneity. So we continue,  Me You No longer we.


By your side, I am a marble pillar– powerfully patient calm cool collected. Your soothing energy my protective vapor that I carry every where I go. I surf the waves that try to pull me to the ocean floor– you are my surfboard. Your silent humor smoothes the sharp edges of life. It’s hard to … More We

Semi-Sweet, Bitter-Sweet?

Guest Blog Posted by: M. Wilson-Alexander Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie.  What is it about the combination: that sweet white sugar, delectable brown sugar, and creamy, softened butter creating a light-as-air dough, stuffed full of semi-sweet chocolate chips?  The chocolate chip cookie has the power to change the world, or, at the very least, … More Semi-Sweet, Bitter-Sweet?