Semester’s End

After an entire semester during which we battled: you versus me, debating every minute point till we were both left exhausted and empty After what felt like endless one-on-one hallway conferences, during which I attempted to listen, truly listen, to all your feelings and give you objective feedback Today We: you and me, dressed in … More Semester’s End

the 2018.12

It was almost Halloween and the whole school was glowing, lit with the bright orange light. you blasted through my door like dynamite through a mountain “Ms. C. Ms. C. Did you hear? Ms. __ is having a girl!” I smiled and nodded poker face, I told myself Poker. Face. Then, as if you dwelled … More the 2018.12


For you and only you, I woke. Early. Really early. On Vacation. You probably don’t remember, won’t remember, but I had traveled thousands of miles to meet you. It was chilly still, and in my bare feet, I came to say goodbye, knowing the next time you see me, you wouldn’t remember this brief, fulfilling … More Early