Separately we Pursue the same goal, yearning Together we get strong Advertisements


I drove down another path today, in another car, dreaming other dreams The dust behind did not chase my car, no, it watched me move on, away from those old thoughts I drove in the same city, with the same passenger, but it was new, and I was just a bit giddy with the newness … More Rebirth


I am a starfish. On my back, check my pulse–for This is my jailhouse, On my back, confined and cuffed I am to this stillness.

Stage 2

I’m in a ring, swinging, swinging, swinging, swinging left, right, uppercuts, left, right Bounce, bounce, bouncing on the balls of my feet—a dancer-fighter swinging punches left and right, Fight, fight, fighting for the release  The oh so sweet release; I know it’s coming.


You’ve always been the extreme to my comfortable, The outside the lines to my inside the lines, The rebel to my rule follower,  The bold colors to my nudes,  And though– I’m safe, comfortable, calm One look at you and my entire body shivers with potential adventure!

Palms Side-by-Side

On one hand it’s all  I want and can’t, maybe won’t have. On the other hand, it’s mine to love. The two opposites splash me every day,  Training me to focus on the haves,  Instead of the have-nots.


Free me of the numbers of me, the ones who torture, judge, declare me unworthy, un-pretty, un-normal, un-everything. Free me of the yearning to see that number, over and over, searching in places that do not exist Not anymore for I have traveled far and away from those once achievable exactions. Free of the spiral … More Petition