Jet Lag

Yellow stripes paint the bedroom wall, dusk enters and this girl has to woman up, once again The sun is threatening to descend, the girl yearns to florick across the green, green, grass, enter those woods An evening stroll through spring, but instead she is in bed, blinds closed, her bedroom imitates night slivers of … More Jet Lag

Still Breathing

Still breathing I am no matter the weight of your words like a virus flying through my veins multiplying, infecting my beautifully calm, decisive platelets I cough, over and over again proof I am still breathing. that fact remains, a pulse yet another piece of evidence that I am still breathing!

Self Soothe

Soloing around town, the wind spirals through her hair, lifts the bottom edge of her dress and her skin is alive. She had forgotten–this side of life, the freedom, No compromises, no responsibility, no words, no leaning Suddenly a self-reliant woman for a few, She sees, though she has many whom she loves, who love … More Self Soothe

Lesson Plan

Today I saw with my two eyes, what privilege sounds like, Like cannot see past my nose, like can’t have empathy, like can’t see the power of gratitude Privilege. Today I learned with my two hands, the true meaning of an educator, Not about the skills, though they are important, Not about assessment, though this … More Lesson Plan


Easy, I yell, easy, easy, easy it echoes back as if I were standing in a cave. I am not I am in the courtyard sun above crippled into stillness EeeeeeAaaaaaSsssssYyyyyy, I yell, like I am at one end of a tunnel and my guide is yelling to me from the other. I am not … More Easy