It’s supposed to be Autumn, but it feels like summer; my cute yellow sweater just a bit too warm.  We stroll along a city, we are supposed to know, but neither of us do.  It’s a Friday night and we spent the evening attempting to find something to do and then crossing off all options … More Duet

Just Anotha Girl

I am–but damn I try hard not to be– I am yet anotha girl manipulated into—cornered into enabling your male privileged ass That one who doesn’t need to plan or compromise on  One Damn Thing I have tried, man have I tried to draw a clear line, thick enough to separate continents,  But you, You … More Just Anotha Girl

Self Reliant

Wispy strands of air whip my body, a gentle massage only a winter’s morn can provide; I tilt my chin up into the brilliant blue yellow above. Lungs: balloon out and release you, it, then.   Simmering in my solitude, I glide towards the woods; branches graze my hair, dubbing me with courage. Skin: crisp … More Self Reliant


It follows me around the house as I try to unwind, breathe, dance, decorate, cook, fold Unyielding from behind and in front, shifting its weight and though I strive to forget about it, release it till next week, when I will be paid to tend to it, still it claws at my back and my … More Shadow


New tablemates join Old traditions waiting to Evolve into new


Slice, turn, dice Perfect cubes Times 20 Rinse, stir, dissolve Immerse, sniff—remember Toast, peel, chop Chop and chop and chop some more Imagine: a full table; a family; laughter Smash, peel, mince Pluck, mince Grate, grate, stir Dip nose closer Remember Exhale