Prep Eve

The sun slices the kitchen counter in half, my laptop screen flickers with┬áthe recipe I’m loosely referring to and its battery is low, dangerously low–it’s how I like to do Sunday dinner… On a tightrope, knowing I may have to rely on my photographic memory at any moment. I mix and stir and bake. I … More Prep Eve

Day 1

Day 1 Breakfast: Menu: Idli sambar, coconut chutney; upma; chai; chickoo I take my first bite of a chickoo since 2003 and I’m home.  It’s summer and I’ve raced my cousin up a tree in my Naynamma’s yard.  All the way back to 1984.  The memories like the taste are crystal clear.  I slurp it … More Day 1

Green with Memory

Moist air tangles my hair and I absorb patches of grass on mountains in the distance through the thin strands of black that brush my cheeks. Each color a distinct memory of hiking the hills of Kharmunghat tagging along, unsupervised, with my brother and his friends–just one of the guys. The distance between my two … More Green with Memory


I slipped on my Women’s size 6 gray and teal Chuck Taylor’s and stood up it was 70 degrees outside December A slight summer-like breeze brushed through the apartment hugging me wishing me luck All my belongings packed, stacked outside in a large truck the inside empty– I couldn’t help but remember that first day … More Dissolve