True Romance

Love is the whoosh of a dishwasher filled uncomfortably to the brim, only to be emptied days later in a hurried, not-into-details way, which results in dinner and salad forks crowding together in one section, and mixing bowls fighting storage containers for cabinet space, even though each has its own home. Love is the glass … More True Romance

A Bead, A Pearl

Deep inside me under all the layers close to the warm core lies a bead, a pearl sized bead I look to it when I’m alone I examine each side and slant and curve I hold it tight I let it slip Deep inside me under all the layers close to the warm core lies … More A Bead, A Pearl

I Yearn

Every year I yearn My palate longs for for the flavors, the diversity, the swirls and layers of taste and texture gentle and full Every year I yearn freedom, independence car-less roaming leaving the footprints of my thoughts on the concrete sidewalks serene and content Every year I yearn to see the dreamy lines of … More I Yearn

Live Streaming

I sit here free with my mind, the trees, and a mosquito.  I am love.  I am earth.  I am peace.  Still I wonder.  I wonder about the future.  Tomorrow, Sunday night, Tuesday morning, March, April, May, September.  I want to feel this– this serenity, fulfilled, and loved in every moment.  I want to capture … More Live Streaming