back home a loneliness fills the reality of it ending the fantasy blown away by the winds of truth unpack rearrange call him call her call them eat right exercise back on track detox back home a loneliness fills only at night in the dark silence it’s over really over And now the rest begins … More Withdrawal


imagine                             New York, the racy,                             adventurous city at night,                                                                the satisfaction                     the constant flicker          of men                and women        and machines. Fifth Avenue                                                  throbbing taxi-cabs,                                                                                     the crowd                                       I’m enchanted. A metropolitan twilight Then         like              glass                   slowly                             cracking,                                                                                                       a haunting loneliness sometimes … More Metropolis


Loud, boisterous laughter filled the dimly lit dining room. A fire-place a few feet away warmed us.  A chicken lover, a pescatarian, 3 all American meat eaters, one pork eater, and one who eats it all gathered, reunited after two years.  Seven friends joined by a memorable experienced tattooed to our soul sat around a … More #nightofallnights