The Hard Release

Walking through a field of sinking sand I push hard for clarity it doesn’t matter those words don’t matter I will not let them attach to my body Weighted feet remind me of what’s behind me and what’s ahead dodging bombs on a minefield, I move forward— the only direction I know about Hardened muscles–sore … More The Hard Release

Live Streaming

I sit here free with my mind, the trees, and a mosquito.  I am love.  I am earth.  I am peace.  Still I wonder.  I wonder about the future.  Tomorrow, Sunday night, Tuesday morning, March, April, May, September.  I want to feel this– this serenity, fulfilled, and loved in every moment.  I want to capture … More Live Streaming


Swimming in a sea of perfection I swallow it down drowning in chlorine She’s better He’s better they’re all better What am I? Right left right breathe in right exhale exhale exhale “it’s humbling,” she says expecting to be perfect the first time in a new pool after an injury I look and remember grateful … More Imperfectly!