Day 1

Day 1 Breakfast: Menu: Idli sambar, coconut chutney; upma; chai; chickoo I take my first bite of a chickoo since 2003 and I’m home.  It’s summer and I’ve raced my cousin up a tree in my Naynamma’s yard.  All the way back to 1984.  The memories like the taste are crystal clear.  I slurp it … More Day 1

“The Real Revolution is the Evolution of the Mind”–Public Enemy

My first memory of scarves is of a dupatta that you wear around your neck over a salvar or chudidar.  I loved wearing them and was only allowed to wear them on special occasions for my mother feared I would lose it–even though I begged to wear them daily.  Mostly I wore dupattas to church … More “The Real Revolution is the Evolution of the Mind”–Public Enemy


Since the moment I left that craft store in Delhi, I’ve been on that high.  You may know it if you’ve ever haggled your way to the price you want.  It was a Friday night and the Chinese Vice President was visiting Delhi on official business.  This normally wouldn’t matter to me, except that security was … More Limbo

Red Standstone

There once was a Shah, who brought religions together to live in peace. Upon red sandstone he marked with liberal symbols unified were they. Tolerant was he: Abu’l Fath Jalal Akbar of my country’s land.

Queue the Line

“It’s a hard place to leave but an even harder place to live.” –Papa F aka PG’s philosopher dad. I know for a few days now I’ve been mostly sharing about the beauties of my motherland and there are so many.  Every time I land here, I have the urge to move back.  It’s an … More Queue the Line