6:10AM.  11.8.2016  My heart is pounding as I rise in the dark room.  It’s a big day.  A first in someways.  It’s hard not to feel important as I get ready. I search for red, white, and blue and settle for denim as my blue and an old thrift shop polyester red top.  Not quite … More #lipstickwarriors

Day 1

Day 1 Breakfast: Menu: Idli sambar, coconut chutney; upma; chai; chickoo I take my first bite of a chickoo since 2003 and I’m home.  It’s summer and I’ve raced my cousin up a tree in my Naynamma’s yard.  All the way back to 1984.  The memories like the taste are crystal clear.  I slurp it … More Day 1

American Girl

I roll past the same ramp opposite the entrance that was the first door that opened my life to this new world and grin at the ten year old in her baby blue skirt, white puffy sleeves, showing off her mother’s gold chain adorned round her neck, equipped with a well full of dreams of … More American Girl

Alphabet Soup

She’s a merry-go-round— of languages. Spinning round with four. She spits with 90% accuracy, except– Every now and then it happens… they blend: a Hindi phrase with a Telugu word, a Telugu phrase with a English word, or the most clashing— a Hindi or Telugu sentence that ends with a Spanish word. It’s automatic, Her … More Alphabet Soup


I straddle the line between East and West. Tasting, fulfilling, patching up the holes and reliving my childhood flavors and views. I straddle the line between youth and adult. Laughing and crying wondering how I could ever leave one for the other. I straddle the line between luxury and birthright. One gives me the comforts … More Whole

One Day!

Deep within me, in a special felt basket, Soft and lovely: They live Nynamma’s chicken curry, Saturday afternoon hikes with Sam, Riding dads green scooter barely tall enough to see above the handles Far closer to my heart! Far away from today! Soft and lovely they live The Mumbai Fish fry across from the embassy … More One Day!