Capture the Flag

I know you always feel like there is this half or my half that weighs you down, dragging you to almost nothingness. I know you see her as your Mount Everest, except that you are not ever going to conquer her summit, and at every base camp, you are reminded of this inability. I know … More Capture the Flag

The Return

The sharp scent of chlorine winds its way to my nostril. It’s not a gentle greeting, nothing here is. No. But, I know this choreography well the scent is my first eight counts I slide in between the lane markers and push off a little jerky at first, then before long my swag is back: … More The Return


The salt and moisture slap my face I stare– eyes glued, swallowing whole every detail: colors, scents, the sea old and new Hindi gurgles low in my throat bouncing up and down, awaiting a grand entrance. Our car glides through the deep morning hours onto a bridge–it’s new. I turn to my partner, a hot tear … More Ghar

I Will You

Will You–ever know the long ass journey it took on two Pan Am flights, the gapping loss I felt, the foreign tastes that I couldn’t wash away fast enough? Will You– ever know the deep-rooted longing for… the daily melding of two halves, the yearning to return and taste and smell and see and feel, … More I Will You


Gears shift, up, down park, drive, neutral, drive, park apparitions coast over, under click, clack, squeal, click, clack and I I’m still here A lil’ new, a lil’ old, a lot whole no more parts surfing on wind-threads no more slices trampled at every turn no more edges scraping tin-walls no I I’m here.  

Twelve New Standards

As my year off, sabbatical, leave of absence, whatever you want to call it comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back and search for meaning.  When I embarked on these past twelve months, I was so sure I would be standing in a glowing white light of understanding and newness.  Some of … More Twelve New Standards