Gears shift, up, down park, drive, neutral, drive, park apparitions coast over, under click, clack, squeal, click, clack and I I’m still here A lil’ new, a lil’ old, a lot whole no more parts surfing on wind-threads no more slices trampled at every turn no more edges scraping tin-walls no I I’m here.  

Twelve New Standards

As my year off, sabbatical, leave of absence, whatever you want to call it comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back and search for meaning.  When I embarked on these past twelve months, I was so sure I would be standing in a glowing white light of understanding and newness.  Some of … More Twelve New Standards


A forest of naked trees sway before me nude branches, scaly trunks last of the leaves dangle— stragglers stubbornly clinging. With each burst of wind, their limbs tip left to right like graceful ballerinas dancing against the sky. This forest before me, it guides me towards the discovery that I, too, can sway with the … More Discovery

Red Standstone

There once was a Shah, who brought religions together to live in peace. Upon red sandstone he marked with liberal symbols unified were they. Tolerant was he: Abu’l Fath Jalal Akbar of my country’s land.

Alphabet Soup

She’s a merry-go-round— of languages. Spinning round with four. She spits with 90% accuracy, except– Every now and then it happens… they blend: a Hindi phrase with a Telugu word, a Telugu phrase with a English word, or the most clashing— a Hindi or Telugu sentence that ends with a Spanish word. It’s automatic, Her … More Alphabet Soup


I straddle the line between East and West. Tasting, fulfilling, patching up the holes and reliving my childhood flavors and views. I straddle the line between youth and adult. Laughing and crying wondering how I could ever leave one for the other. I straddle the line between luxury and birthright. One gives me the comforts … More Whole


I am. determined creative professional. I don’t. need a great name even though I already have one. I don’t. need you to plan my life or tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. I am. intelligent and capable. —A masters degree not in camp counseling not in chaperoning English teacher am I. A strong … More ME