Mother, Daughter

a single tear glides down her cheek like a snail out for a walk down the driveway slow, slow, slow It’s time, her body knows but her mind– her mind longs to wrap the images tight– a burrito bursting with memories of her children and their milestones. A breath passes silently between mother and daughter … More Mother, Daughter

Fin Part Trois

Like the leaves squeezed into bags that line my street, it’s time for me to rest my fingers’ beat. Like the epic finale to Purple Rain, this   train   that’s   mine   has   bled   sweet   feasts. Each  car that chugs along: an   overcrowded   taste– at the intersections of so long ago and just now– of   gleeful   childhood   … More Fin Part Trois


This is “I’ll come, come again”. An end with a promise—open-ended till when without a known date of reunion for us. The end of breakfasts with idlis and dosas, sambars and upma, and chai. Oh chai! Goodbye sweet papayas, chickoos, and custard apples. Atha’s fish fry and chicken curry too soon. The end of the … More Fin


Guest Post: This tower that towers Over me. Us. Black shadow like a sun dial that tracks our steps from C street. This grass that burns emerald, this sky like a lake, this feeling like leaving. 36491 bricks sealed together. 555 feet. A decade of remember-when. Kites on strings – daredevils through the sky – … More Obelisk

Flowery Farewell

 As different as we are As far away as we were You and I came together Two parallel lives Loving the same Loving different, words linked together tied and woven into four short years Scrolling past the crazy images, I count it all, holding on hard–not wanting to let it go Our dreams, our late … More Flowery Farewell