I often forget we are not the same age you were entering high school when I was leaving for college– an Adult getting piercings, tattoos, a dorm room, a credit card even So why should I be surprised that our differences now dig– a tunnel away from each other I was independent, meeting myself some … More Magnify

Different but Equal

Last week a friend reminded me that I am not a mother and she is. Initially, it stung, sending me into a spiral of I’ll-never-be-good-enough’s and I’ll-always-be-looked-at-differently-by-mothers, including my own. While all these thoughts were churning, way in a tiny, dark corner of this same mind was a larger idea brewing: would I ever be … More Different but Equal


I wrote it before bedtime,  SOS! I need you both, FaceTime, whatever…let me know when Just as I clicked the letters, the guilt swooped in:  you don’t need to take care of me, I should be able to do it on my own, I shouldn’t need you. Neither of you have sent a similar message, … More SOS

Cocktail Ours

A soft coastal breeze sweeps open the back of my eyelet crop top and I lean into the table fluttering my eyes.  Behind me, Miami’s city line hangs like Christmas lights turning the night instantly to magic.  I am surrounded by three friends whom I haven’t sat next to in years and they’re my blankie for the … More Cocktail Ours

Flowery Farewell

 As different as we are As far away as we were You and I came together Two parallel lives Loving the same Loving different, words linked together tied and woven into four short years Scrolling past the crazy images, I count it all, holding on hard–not wanting to let it go Our dreams, our late … More Flowery Farewell

The Sparkling Decade

Sparkling laughter floats in the air Loud, drunken dancing Rhythmic and true A decade of living Young and light Spontaneous moments On and on Mustangs, protégés, tattoos, and piercings A decade of rebellion just because Stargazing nights on sandy shores Waves crashing gently Gently from behind A decade of reflection Philosophy all around

Born This Way

The wind gently nudged us toward the Persian restaurant in Clarendon. The sky threatened to pour down on us at any moment, yet we bounced along the sidewalk gleefully with traces of sadness. Wednesday night. Midweek had become my new favorite day of the week. It had suddenly transformed from being the worst day of … More Born This Way