A Raft of Courage

“If you think you are ready to publish, you are not even close.  So many writers are trying to fast track to publishing, without putting in the work.  This work is definitely not ready to show anyone,” she spoke to me as if I were a child writer trying to bypass experience to win the … More A Raft of Courage

Don’ts Weigh Me Down

Spinach, cabbage, onion, grape tomatoes, quinoa, apple, and radish swish around our wooden salad bowl waiting for their glistening attire.  Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey gather into a sparkling dress.  It’s Friday evening; I’ve spent most of the day at the pool and it’s my turn to make dinner.  I mix together … More Don’ts Weigh Me Down

Split in half

I lay on my back Listening to the intricate drumming Of the rain against the metal roof Split in half by My right side filled with fears; my demons swimming around circling my mind My left side filled with dreams; my salvation popping like popcorn on the stove No reality It’s all I’ve known for … More Split in half

Regret Me Not

“The last thing you want to take home is regret, right?” Kim, my zip-lining tour guide said to me as she clipped me to the cable wires.  I nodded with a smile, as a memory of myself at thirteen flashed to mind. It was a Friday, early summer.  Dad and mom had taken the day … More Regret Me Not