Ivory Glass

Cevan stands at the foot of the cascading staircase; head tilted up Its ivory steps and mahogany banister spiral toward, glowing new; shimmering posibilities Pristine He squints, looking at the top, knows there’s only one way to get there Still, old memories haunt him, pinning him to the floor Can he take the same staircase, … More Ivory Glass


Dearest, Don’t you spend your nights twisting and turning sweating and shivering Don’t– spend your days planning and preparing perfecting and paving because, I am here I will protect you from the demons of your past those who hover over your head haunting you most nights. I will cradle you in my soft arms and … More Dearest


Tomorrow I plunge In to the vast unknown—an unyielding pool of perfection The pit of my stomach tingles with thrill and fear But I know it’s the step I have to take no matter the cost— whether it be a responsible bank account or the stability that I’ve always chosen over my heart Setting aside … More Promise


Silenced voices haunt the rooms pressing me to question myself. Abandoned and left with words and pictures from the past I crouch in the moonlight counting the seconds till morn’. Like a lone leaf, I pirouette down off the branch and tighten on the grass, pleading the sun to rise.

The Free one

Knees high, wide strides I run towards nothing away from everything laughing loud and free Bare feet on sand I chase after everything Stop Turn Chase some more. No fear No stress No anger No doubt I turn the corner gray strands framing my face I see you take off and feel it inside that … More The Free one


Ideas flash like lightning bolts inviting me to flash along eyes wide, I twirl  in the sparkly glory imagining, envisioning, dreaming, twirling Until— like lightning it, too, arrives weighing me to the ground sparkles fade and I sit in a puddle of fear completely still, unsure questioning, doubting, comparing Then— like waves at low tide … More Action

Just Dive

Just dive fearless into an ocean of uncertainties. Knowing one truth–                     in the end it’ll be okay                     and if it’s not?                     it’s not the end yet. Just d    i       v          e fearfully fast toward that indigo– bright, kind Hopeful for reality to blissfully encircle. … More Just Dive