Day 1

Day 1 Breakfast: Menu: Idli sambar, coconut chutney; upma; chai; chickoo I take my first bite of a chickoo since 2003 and I’m home.  It’s summer and I’ve raced my cousin up a tree in my Naynamma’s yard.  All the way back to 1984.  The memories like the taste are crystal clear.  I slurp it … More Day 1


A circle a circle of new, old, tall, short, and everything in between a circle of percussion drumming out beats of laughter and memories  Sound waves of Loud rhymthic vibrations that only we can expell Together we slap stories our beats, A unique union–no outsiders allowed.

Both Sides

Full.  I am full, overflowing Content. So content After just hours of giggles and board games with two The two who own both sides of my heart Love. So pure The kind that I know is dangerous because you hold the strings and a tiny tug will twist me in your favor day or night … More Both Sides

Is the Deal Right?

When I was young, my mom and I made it to the mall every Black Friday in search of deals. What we got instead, because we are Indian after all and being early isn’t in our DNA, were long lines, shops that looked like my brother and my teenage bedrooms. Thirty minutes into our shopping … More Is the Deal Right?