The Finish Line

I lower my chest and inhale everything blurs the white line in front of me, the screaming crowds. My heartbeat slows and suddenly it’s all clear to me, my own crystal ball In the back ground, the shot explodes and instinctually, I fly I know there are others around me but for once–they, it fades … More The Finish Line

Twelve New Standards

As my year off, sabbatical, leave of absence, whatever you want to call it comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back and search for meaning.  When I embarked on these past twelve months, I was so sure I would be standing in a glowing white light of understanding and newness.  Some of … More Twelve New Standards

Fin Part Trois

Like the leaves squeezed into bags that line my street, it’s time for me to rest my fingers’ beat. Like the epic finale to Purple Rain, this   train   that’s   mine   has   bled   sweet   feasts. Each  car that chugs along: an   overcrowded   taste– at the intersections of so long ago and just now– of   gleeful   childhood   … More Fin Part Trois


This is “I’ll come, come again”. An end with a promise—open-ended till when without a known date of reunion for us. The end of breakfasts with idlis and dosas, sambars and upma, and chai. Oh chai! Goodbye sweet papayas, chickoos, and custard apples. Atha’s fish fry and chicken curry too soon. The end of the … More Fin


scattered into tiny  bits and pieces south southwest north Northeast hungry to be glued back together they remain– scattered They try and try holding on with the click, click, click of each letter and piece lighting only for fractions tiny instants dangling in between– but in reality they are scattered.