Water Guide

confused in a puddle I paddle slowly through past the sharp sunsets smooth sunrises barely avoiding icebergs yearning to stand on solid ground I gaze at it wanting it more than anything envisioning my life there as I reach the shore A final glance at the large space behind ripples like a gigantic smiley face … More Water Guide

June Blue

June Blue June Green June Kind June June I see you you see me and yet, we drag on It’s time almost to part ways with you it echoes and echoes the past 9 months I hear it so loud so loud, so loud– even at night the moments, those moments of purity and truth … More June Blue

Semi-Sweet, Bitter-Sweet?

Guest Blog Posted by: M. Wilson-Alexander Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie.  What is it about the combination: that sweet white sugar, delectable brown sugar, and creamy, softened butter creating a light-as-air dough, stuffed full of semi-sweet chocolate chips?  The chocolate chip cookie has the power to change the world, or, at the very least, … More Semi-Sweet, Bitter-Sweet?