Educator. Eroded.

Nine years ago, I wandered the aisles of Staples filled with glee and uncertainty for my first year of teaching.  I purchased three items: a purple stapler, a pencil holder with a name tag slot on the front and a pack of multicolor Pilot pens for grading.  That Friday in my empty classroom, I envisioned … More Educator. Eroded.

My Lunar Phases

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to the another school year can be sharp.  Each Labor Day weekend I over plan because I don’t want to let go.  I don’t want to see my freedom dissolve.  So I go out to dinner, plan a date night, plan a pool date, plan a lunch out and … More My Lunar Phases

Dreams Count to Ten

1.  I am a romantic and because of this I live a life filled with dreams.  Dreams of being a wanderer.  Dreams of being a writer.  Dreams of being an actress.  Dreams of living in Hawaii and Europe and Australia and South America.  Dreams of being a filmmaker.  Dreams that I have learned to contain … More Dreams Count to Ten