I see her restlessly hopping from flower to flower A pattern of busy no end in sight no pause to reflect no deep breath to reset Inside an igloo of creative flow, she resides, skimming petals with intricate designs, premiering a twinkle of ideas– for us to spy. Her giggles of glee gloss over our street … More Flow


One day at a time One minute One step at a time I walk towards my destiny I grant me permission to dream  I stomp on the possibility that  I won’t have it someday in my arms. One foot in front of the other  I move forward with blinders on So that I keep my … More One

Friday Night Dreams

Since I was a sixth grader, football has confused me.  Back then I pretended to care and even stayed up to watch the Redskins win the Superbowl so that I could discuss the game in detail with my friends at school.  In high school, I went to football games but was secretly memorizing all the … More Friday Night Dreams

A Bead, A Pearl

Deep inside me under all the layers close to the warm core lies a bead, a pearl sized bead I look to it when I’m alone I examine each side and slant and curve I hold it tight I let it slip Deep inside me under all the layers close to the warm core lies … More A Bead, A Pearl

Split in half

I lay on my back Listening to the intricate drumming Of the rain against the metal roof Split in half by My right side filled with fears; my demons swimming around circling my mind My left side filled with dreams; my salvation popping like popcorn on the stove No reality It’s all I’ve known for … More Split in half