As Her Own

Behind her A mountain of ashes rise Tall, venomous Encompasses a year’s worth of darkness that took residence in her bloodstream and infected every inch of her body The rubble of desires now gray dust Behind her. While now she saunters delicately into still waters– Knows what’s ahead won’t be perfect, but goes¬†anyway courageously seeking … More As Her Own

At Spring’s Break

After great pain, a formal feeling comes Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs The stiff Heart questions will I ever be light again? Am I good enough, or good at all? Will the sun warm my insides bright and kind? The Feet, mechanical, go round right, left, right, left the tiny hand on a clock ticking … More At Spring’s Break

Split in half

I lay on my back Listening to the intricate drumming Of the rain against the metal roof Split in half by My right side filled with fears; my demons swimming around circling my mind My left side filled with dreams; my salvation popping like popcorn on the stove No reality It’s all I’ve known for … More Split in half