Then… I spent nights anxiously, twisting and turning worrying about traffic patterns and being late whether I’d sustain the commute Now? the tectonic plates under me have shifted almost all the way to the left and I’m barely hanging on, relying on my arms and fingernails to save me. Now, it’s not financial fears that … More 3.6.5.


Sometimes it’s okay to leave the old behind to slide into a satin ballgown that sweeps the floor as you tiptoe across town. Sometimes it’s just right to walk this tight rope and cross over to a pool of soft blue. And sometimes, Just sometimes It’s blissful to bite into a pillowy pastry and let … More Release

Just Dive

Just dive fearless into an ocean of uncertainties. Knowing one truth–                     in the end it’ll be okay                     and if it’s not?                     it’s not the end yet. Just d    i       v          e fearfully fast toward that indigo– bright, kind Hopeful for reality to blissfully encircle. … More Just Dive

Some days

Some days I dwell in the distance Watching it like water boiling Careful not to let it boil over from my window, I stare Miles growing with each minute The scene slowly growing moving forward without me I see it, too scared to propel myself feet firm and stationery Analyzing tiny details, I watch accepting … More Some days

Steady and Metered

It fell in large, fluffy clusters and small, shiny dots at a rate that was steady steady and metered. Light and flaky it settled spread– spread across the land the grass, the concrete, the asphalt as if it’s life’s purpose was only this no questions, no conflict just there, just here, present. I searched at … More Steady and Metered

Is the Deal Right?

When I was young, my mom and I made it to the mall every Black Friday in search of deals. What we got instead, because we are Indian after all and being early isn’t in our DNA, were long lines, shops that looked like my brother and my teenage bedrooms. Thirty minutes into our shopping … More Is the Deal Right?