30 Days

She swipes at her tears and slides out of bed, even through the sleepless nights, this body remembers. She walks in front of the floor length mirror and sees behind the loose t-shirt, the curves, the muscles she worked so hard to build: they are still alive, still here. She hits play on her favorite … More 30 Days


Some days you leap like you’ve never leaped before, turning and spotting like you’ve trained your whole life for it. Grace and elegance ripples off your legs in a twisting tornado of sparkle which pours glittery beads across the floor as you travel– only to crash, landing so hard it takes all your energy just to … More Soon

In the Middle

One rainy evening, after a hip-hop class, I boldly asked to my then artistic director her opinion of my ability.  For ten months, I had danced under her direction feeling less than.  I sat in the dim lobby on the long backless bench overlooking a modern dance class, heart thumping on my tongue and asked … More In the Middle

My Niece and I

She scrunches up her face and bites her lip, as if the music is coming from deep inside her, Gallops in a figure eight around the seats in the living room. We watch her perform oooing and ahhing, joining in because her four year old body inspires us. She can’t help it; it’s her song … More My Niece and I

La Musica

Once I swam around in a pool of music I lay on my back listening to Achtung Baby on repeat on my brother’s Discman, dreaming about what would become of my life. Once I knew every melody of Wyclef Jean’s Quantanamera and my hips swayed and rolled to the beat of this tune. I knew … More La Musica

Born This Way

The wind gently nudged us toward the Persian restaurant in Clarendon. The sky threatened to pour down on us at any moment, yet we bounced along the sidewalk gleefully with traces of sadness. Wednesday night. Midweek had become my new favorite day of the week. It had suddenly transformed from being the worst day of … More Born This Way