Some days you leap like you’ve never leaped before, turning and spotting like you’ve trained your whole life for it. Grace and elegance ripples off your legs in a twisting tornado of sparkle which pours glittery beads across the floor as you travel– only to crash, landing so hard it takes all your energy just to … More Soon

A Raft of Courage

“If you think you are ready to publish, you are not even close.  So many writers are trying to fast track to publishing, without putting in the work.  This work is definitely not ready to show anyone,” she spoke to me as if I were a child writer trying to bypass experience to win the … More A Raft of Courage


When I was 19, I got the chance to begin two of my dreams simultaneously–to be a dancer and to be a singer.  As it turned out, my boss at the dance studio also did private voice lessons.  I went to her house weekly and learned all about getting color in my voice.  She pushed … More Epic