Green with Memory

Moist air tangles my hair and I absorb patches of grass on mountains in the distance through the thin strands of black that brush my cheeks. Each color a distinct memory of hiking the hills of Kharmunghat tagging along, unsupervised, with my brother and his friends–just one of the guys. The distance between my two … More Green with Memory

First Autumn

I walk through the drizzling leaves and make a wish on each leaf as if it were a shooting star. The wind sweeps through us and sends the leaves into a synchronized swim. I stand shivering out the memory of that first Autumn back in 1990, when the rusty scent of leaves on the lawn … More First Autumn

A Blink

Cars honk: beep, beep, beep Vendors sell: buy, buy, buy Bodies crowd: sweat, sweat, sweat On the smoggy streets of Mumbai. The sun hovers: loud, loud, loud behind the haze that drowns, drowns, drowns the city so that you cannot see, see, see across the bay, bay, bay. Heat radiates up, up, up from the … More A Blink

The Free one

Knees high, wide strides I run towards nothing away from everything laughing loud and free Bare feet on sand I chase after everything Stop Turn Chase some more. No fear No stress No anger No doubt I turn the corner gray strands framing my face I see you take off and feel it inside that … More The Free one