30 Days

She swipes at her tears and slides out of bed, even through the sleepless nights, this body remembers. She walks in front of the floor length mirror and sees behind the loose t-shirt, the curves, the muscles she worked so hard to build: they are still alive, still here. She hits play on her favorite … More 30 Days

Three Words

“You got fat,” he said. “You got fat, grandpa,” I say but I know it’s not true, he’s not fat am I? When was the last time he saw me? What do I weigh? Is it what I’m wearing? I know I look different now than even three years ago, I am aging, it seems … More Three Words

Mirror, Mirror

She sees the curves of her body from top to bottom. Some are pleasing, some annoying. Images of beauty scroll past her mirror, they reflect perfection; perfection and beauty. It makes her think of PE uniforms in 7th grade: changing without a training bra and that first comparison: “your calf is bigger than mine”. It … More Mirror, Mirror