Today I gave my students a test. Today I was told to give my students a test. One that was not worthy of them. One that is not worthy of me. Not heeding the loud cries of a professional teacher, they told me: you must for us, for us, for us. I am not here … More Today 

Live Streaming

I sit here free with my mind, the trees, and a mosquito.  I am love.  I am earth.  I am peace.  Still I wonder.  I wonder about the future.  Tomorrow, Sunday night, Tuesday morning, March, April, May, September.  I want to feel this– this serenity, fulfilled, and loved in every moment.  I want to capture … More Live Streaming

Teachers are Artists

Sunday night instead of grading, unpacking, doing laundry, planning for the week, or working out, I sat down to watch The English Teacher.  Surely it is just like planning or grading.  While Juliane Moore plays exactly what I envision myself to be as an English teacher, the story to me was about rewriting endings.  In … More Teachers are Artists