Ideas flash like lightning bolts inviting me to flash along eyes wide, I twirl  in the sparkly glory imagining, envisioning, dreaming, twirling Until— like lightning it, too, arrives weighing me to the ground sparkles fade and I sit in a puddle of fear completely still, unsure questioning, doubting, comparing Then— like waves at low tide … More Action


standing at the edge at curtain call full relieved exhausted sweaty content I am lifted— by the rhythmic acclamation Connected hands hold me up, we bow at last —finale the pounding applause roars echoing in the theater— a dome acknowledging the journey we took laughing at the funnies, sighing at tiny romances, crying for the … More Finale–

A Room of My Own

There once was a room in a town close to a city A room in a building filled with Locals from near and far. It’s cozy and special Just for one person Within the walls of a two-bedroom Apartment. Filled with luxury Filled with art: Pastels, oil paint, even a trumpet Filled with love, poetry, … More A Room of My Own