Change, Change, Change

Change.  Inevitable.  Constant.  Challenging.  Anxiety-ridden.  Good. Bad.  In my twenties, change came after hours of living in “what-ifs”.  I work-shopped the “what-ifs” with every human being with whom I came into contact expecting a moment of complete clarity, when the clouds would part and the bright beaming light would light the way, shining down on … More Change, Change, Change

That was Easy

For two days leading up the New York trip, I sat in anxiety. I was to go with a friend I knew well, a friend I knew and a friend of a friend I had never met. Being the people-pleaser, a trait I work so hard to keep in check, I worried about it all: … More That was Easy

Luxury: Define Me!

I used to believe that luxury  meant jaunting off to the Mediterranean for a month or sailing around the world for a year–something dramatic and jaw-dropping.  After being part of the workforce full-time for a little over 7 years now, however, I have a completely new definition of the word. This morning I woke still … More Luxury: Define Me!