Semester’s End

After an entire semester during which we battled: you versus me, debating every minute point till we were both left exhausted and empty After what felt like endless one-on-one hallway conferences, during which I attempted to listen, truly listen, to all your feelings and give you objective feedback Today We: you and me, dressed in … More Semester’s End

Different but Equal

Last week a friend reminded me that I am not a mother and she is. Initially, it stung, sending me into a spiral of I’ll-never-be-good-enough’s and I’ll-always-be-looked-at-differently-by-mothers, including my own. While all these thoughts were churning, way in a tiny, dark corner of this same mind was a larger idea brewing: would I ever be … More Different but Equal


Her words And hers And hers… They are a cage, always reminding me of what’s not there. My words And mine And mine And ours… They are a map: black and white instructions on how to escape, how to flip my sights from empty to full, how to live my life… Instead of hers and … More Script

Oil on Paper

I grasp the color between my thumb and index finger, light and flexible Glide the pastel against paper like it’s a skate on ice, smooth and curvy. An arch, a wave, swirl to the edge of the white it is sweet how my fingers move to calm my mind, breathing light back into shadowy strings I … More Oil on Paper

Down, Up

“Push down to go up into your arabesque,” Sylvia says. Instantly, I am hit with the universal truth that I’ve been denying. You need strong roots to stand against the elements of nature, it’s obvious, always in my face, yet my eyes have been avoiding this. I listen to her words and translate it to … More Down, Up

Twelve New Standards

As my year off, sabbatical, leave of absence, whatever you want to call it comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back and search for meaning.  When I embarked on these past twelve months, I was so sure I would be standing in a glowing white light of understanding and newness.  Some of … More Twelve New Standards