Today I gave my students a test. Today I was told to give my students a test. One that was not worthy of them. One that is not worthy of me. Not heeding the loud cries of a professional teacher, they told me: you must for us, for us, for us. I am not here … More Today 

Hyperboles & Sentiments

This year two of my friends are leaving the classroom.  One just left last week.  The other is considering it.  Every time a colleague near or far considers leaving, it automatically shifts me into wondering about leaving myself.  A truth about teachers in general:  anytime one more policy trickles down and demoralizes or devalues our … More Hyperboles & Sentiments

My Lunar Phases

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to the another school year can be sharp.  Each Labor Day weekend I over plan because I don’t want to let go.  I don’t want to see my freedom dissolve.  So I go out to dinner, plan a date night, plan a pool date, plan a lunch out and … More My Lunar Phases