Mom Warned Me

For a month you freed me of— but now I am the center of the whirlpool, the very current my mother warned me of as a young child each time I entered the ocean. It is just as she said it would be— A current so strong, you can’t swim out of. I narrow my … More Mom Warned Me


It’s easy to forget, get swept away The daily grind and needy faces, crowd my days loud louder than loud– I can go days silencing her… sometimes weeks But. It only takes one: note, flash, slice, clip to strap my suit back in place And. I am back baby Back like better than before A … More Found

Speed Matters

Across the street there is hustle and bustle, A constant buzz of thrill— beats pumping, bodies moving Continuous action. Across from that is a still life sketch, Staged to perfection Colors and objects in Exact locales—even the wind can’t shift them.  Then there’s me. Swerving back and forth  pedaling to balance side to side Down … More Speed Matters

Poker Face

All the “should haves” pile up: one on top of the other and blind my vision. I stare at the cards I’ve been dealt, my fingers clutch them tightly as I work out the probability of every possible outcome But all the cards point to a loss. So I sit frozen,  knowing I should play … More Poker Face


The whole gang arrived today, Each wrapped in brown coats–thin protection from the elements, One by one on my front stoop, you waited for me to help you in. Every time I saw one of you, I examined your height, and weight Wondered if I could pick you up on my own. Then, today, I … More Transform