For you and only you, I woke. Early. Really early. On Vacation. You probably don’t remember, won’t remember, but I had traveled thousands of miles to meet you. It was chilly still, and in my bare feet, I came to say goodbye, knowing the next time you see me, you wouldn’t remember this brief, fulfilling … More Early

Dress Code? Honor Me.

It’s an 80 degree May day,  I am sitting in front of twelve students, my advisees. Six eighth grade girls; six eighth grade boys. My twelfth year coming to an end and I have had this conversation hundreds of times with classes, individual girls; as fighting matches with my female students in the hallway, as … More Dress Code? Honor Me.

Predators of Mind

Like vultures to a corpse, these strings circle above: grabbing at a limb, a string of hair, a piece of clothing. Long, curvy claws strike: grasping for information, neglecting to see the body below. This body: a figure desperately gasping for healing and time. Both which these white backed, old world vultures ignore, pecking, poking … More Predators of Mind

13 Reasons Why

It happened a month ago, when I visited a new mom friend. I love visiting my friend’s babies when they are just born, it is a lovely, cuddly experience and in the past, I’d always imagined holding my own when I held theirs, had dreamt about how I would feel post birth holding my child. … More 13 Reasons Why