Rosy cirrus clouds spread their wings across the blush skies, carelessly sprawling their wispy feathers  You see, it’s solstice and they are showing off,   Sweeping the horizon like rulers of the heavens, trains of their gowns blowing behind them in the summer wind.   And I? I tilt my head in respect, bowing unworthy.


The salt and moisture slap my face I stare– eyes glued, swallowing whole every detail: colors, scents, the sea old and new Hindi gurgles low in my throat bouncing up and down, awaiting a grand entrance. Our car glides through the deep morning hours onto a bridge–it’s new. I turn to my partner, a hot tear … More Ghar

I Will You

Will You–ever know the long ass journey it took on two Pan Am flights, the gapping loss I felt, the foreign tastes that I couldn’t wash away fast enough? Will You– ever know the deep-rooted longing for… the daily melding of two halves, the yearning to return and taste and smell and see and feel, … More I Will You


“You have to sleep here, little girls are the first to get kidnapped and sold into prostitution,” my mother used to tell me as she squeezed me in between the wall and her on trains. My mind gurgles on the inside with directives from all of you; none of whom have known the glory of … More Scream

Just Anotha Girl

I am–but damn I try hard not to be– I am yet anotha girl manipulated into—cornered into enabling your male privileged ass That one who doesn’t need to plan or compromise on  One Damn Thing I have tried, man have I tried to draw a clear line, thick enough to separate continents,  But you, You … More Just Anotha Girl