You’ve always been the extreme to my comfortable, The outside the lines to my inside the lines, The rebel to my rule follower,  The bold colors to my nudes,  And though– I’m safe, comfortable, calm One look at you and my entire body shivers with potential adventure!

Palms Side-by-Side

On one hand it’s all  I want and can’t, maybe won’t have. On the other hand, it’s mine to love. The two opposites splash me every day,  Training me to focus on the haves,  Instead of the have-nots.


Free me of the numbers of me, the ones who torture, judge, declare me unworthy, un-pretty, un-normal, un-everything. Free me of the yearning to see that number, over and over, searching in places that do not exist Not anymore for I have traveled far and away from those once achievable exactions. Free of the spiral … More Petition


Each day I drive through the tunnel ‘o green, over the bridge, flanked on the right by the beating  sun Into the city, with skinny lanes and circles upon circles, toward the monuments with their greek columns the same two homeless men who now nod and smile when they see my car because we are … More Uncover

Me to You

I’m me,  You’re you Can we still be? With yours that’s yours, a clashing array of lines that used to intersect with mine that’s mine— I’m me. You’re you. Our lines now parallel or even farther, no longer intersect in that delicious laughter and hyperbolic spontaneity. So we continue,  Me You No longer we.


Tilt my chin to the skies and envision your skies: mostly gray, maybe cloudy, framed by the pine greens and you— With your bright ass district colors among the earth tones and rainbow hair, marking the concrete like thunder rumbling clouds. It makes me smile, it makes me smile.