Dear Nephews,

Boys will be… Responsible, kind, empathetic, respectful, Seekers of Equality: Fighting to Debunk the Stereotypes imprinted onto the fabric of their skin before they are even born– like the hues of their clothing, and the emotionless expressions, and the puff your chest out and walk around, have perfectly sculpted abs have lots of sex watch … More Dear Nephews,


I saw. A superhero today. That’s right a superhero of female gender towering over her male opponent. A superhero who proved to the boys, girls, men, women in the auditorium that superheroes look like female Science teachers, former Olympic athlete Science teachers whom when you pass, you may easily forget–is mighty, mighty enough to pick … More Superhero


I faked a congrats Today, though I don’t think it was a true fake, for the old me would’ve, flown out of her seat in a loud yay, yay, yay–setting aside her true feelings, smothering the vast sadness only letting it seep slowly into her nights. The new me? She stayed seated, said awesome, turned … More Response

In the Corner of the Counter

Inside a pool forms, slow, deep. Like walking through a juicer, the liquid is squeezed out Into a tall glass of sweet truth that no one can see clearly. So the glass sits, ignored on the counter–mold forming at the edges A tall glass filled to the brim, abandoned, spoiling, fully alone.


She grunts, pushing harder still, Empty the tank, empty the tank, Empty the tank, she repeats over and over again It’s not who she’s been for 36 years, But now in her 37th year, She is finding She is a lioness The fighter, she always knew she could be, But never fully believed is clawing … More Surfaced

Container Pop

Pop, pop, pop The kernels push the lid aside, Pop, pop, popping Bursting to the top, like greedy animals, they push each other out of the way so they can be seen, heard, loved. And I? I am to contain them all in the too small, too tight container like a magician, I try it … More Container Pop