A Lady of Leisure

The creamy dessert like sauce of cardamom and almond sweep my tongue and I am sitting at my mom’s dinning table plastic table cloth and all.  So reminiscent of her Kheer, I dove in moaning with greed.  Lamb Rajasthani.  A meal I’d yet to have as an Indian girl.  I ate in silence unsure how … More A Lady of Leisure

Walk to Relax

The Potomac sparkled, reflecting the early afternoon light.  Crisp Autumn wind flipped my hair straight up, above my head.  I silently walked the labyrinth at the Georgetown waterfront towards Neil who broke all the rules and just walked directly to the center.  Belly full and content with comfort, I thought about my current life. The … More Walk to Relax

Born This Way

The wind gently nudged us toward the Persian restaurant in Clarendon. The sky threatened to pour down on us at any moment, yet we bounced along the sidewalk gleefully with traces of sadness. Wednesday night. Midweek had become my new favorite day of the week. It had suddenly transformed from being the worst day of … More Born This Way

A Slice to Remember

In a land not too far away,  in a town named Mclean, There’s a lovely little bakery named after it’s founder: Danielle’s Desserts. Danielle, Danielle she bakes it all cookies, cakes, pies, even cupcakes. there’s one thing she makes however, one thing that one thing that makes it makes life worth it. the world melts … More A Slice to Remember