Yesterday, I saved them all.


From what?

Well, let’s start at the beginning.
It was the end of the day on the top floor;
AC had not been turned on yet.
While across the street sat the fancy mansion,
we stunk in our dripping classroom.

Open all the windows, I commanded.
All six flew open.
Now we should have screens but most have fallen and never replaced,
but who cares,
I’ve got sweaty pubescent boys and girls for fifty minutes at the end of their day
on a eighty degree day in early April.
[Climate change is not real though, so don’t go thinking crazy thoughts.
It’s totally normal to be eighty degrees in early spring.]

So we circle up our chairs,
gather our notes and text.
It’s discussion day and we are philosophers!

Just as the first question is read,
in flies a baby bee buzz, buzz, buzz

Screeching squeals spread like waves around the circle,
each kid diving out of its way.

“Stay calm,” I instruct,
“it’ll fly out soon,”
but no one hears me over the high-pitched scream.
I spot a cup and stand


unbutton my shirt to expose the large S
on my undershirt and head toward the baby.
I land the cup over  it,
slide a paper under and let it free out the window.

Like bees to honey,
the windows slide shut.

“Shut them all,” they squeal and I button my shirt,
slide the glasses back on.
I’m Ms. C again, leader of discussion.


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