North and South

Once upon a time in a country far east, two gals grew up– one north, one south

Far, far away from one another.

The one in the north grew in a city so famous was this city, even the west would recognize.  Rich and comfortable, a traveler who became an educator herself.

The other in the south where the heat rises from the earth with parents who were split: one city; one country.  She knew both sides; grew with few things to her name, never knowing a person could be rich in that world of hers.

Then one day the two spotted each other, now adults dwelling in a new, new country.

On campus that sunny day, the southerner spotted the northerner first, ran up to her, “are you from my country?”  

“I’m from the north,” she snubbed.  

And it crumbled in front of her.  Here in the west, no one could tell they were from opposite parts of one country.  But—she, the northerner could–and it didn’t matter that the two had traveled thousands of kilometers to arrive at this new life; new job; as women, supposedly united.

They weren’t.

Now, the southerner knows her place even though, this place is nonexistent here in the west.


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