Friday’s Schedule

Period one:  Close eyes to meditate with a circle of eleven eighth graders, hear a giggle, slide eyes open and supervise with stern looks.  Try to meditate with eyes open.

Period two:  Lose track of time, get up to pick up snack; bell rings two steps away from classroom door.  Rush to get snack anyway, think to self–five minutes, I’ve got five.

Period three:  Seventh grade student shows bloody tooth that finally came out in palm of his hand. “Ms. C, look my tooth!”  Smile, nod, redirect–back to work.

Extended homeroom:  Find eighth grade student talking to Djimbe drum on bookshelf in back of room:  “Your time is coming soon, my friend,” he whispers to drum.  Laugh out loud.

Forth Period: Facilitate a discussion– are open-ended questions really open-ended, ever?

Fifth Period:  Observe two eighth grade girls discussing their upcoming school trip to Madrid.  One who is over anxious about it; one who comforts the other, reminding me of my friend who is my voice of reason.


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