Midday Slice

Each sunny day, I jog downstairs with my lunch bag
and sit
at the same park bench in the courtyard.
The one drenched in sunlight;
the one most avoid so they can keep their energy.
While I.
I open,
turn my body to its rays,
willing it to suck it away.

I melt under the midday sun.
My favorite student;
my heart–
is double bouncing a volleyball across the courtyard.
It’s an indoor volleyball, but she has it outside.
Such a rebel, I yell.
She giggles perfectly, just as she does everything…
including greeting me four to six times a day in passing.

It is new this life, this slice.

I watch it hovering, sometimes from above–not quite belonging yet.

A haven, I never knew I could have;

A space to recharge built into my day.

Again, I melt under the delight of it all.

“You’ll acclimate and this won’t be as brilliant as you see it now,” he says.

I squirm at the words.
I don’t want to.
I want to h  o  l  d on forever.

Its new this life, this slice for me.


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