Inside Out


Baby, baby, baby
That first time..
my heart fluttered, so severe
that my skin shivered;
a tiny quake–oh bliss

Baby, baby, baby
that voice
high like the clouds that flew over me,
the screeching passion that ripped my blouse wide open

Sailing on those gut wrenching vocals
that stretched from continents
east to west
I lay back against the wooden floor
dreaming of growing up
and becoming you.

Baby, baby, baby
it was you,
you who gave me that first
the one I was addicted to from then on
the one I’d chase forever
and can’t live without

Baby, baby, baby
I dance from inside out
in your purple rain,
purple rain

I only want to be that girl
immersed in your music,
swaying to your solos,
humming your melodies,
heart thrumming through my skin.





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