Day After


A fog of silence burrows through the narrow streets.
I walk through whispers and murmurs
that follow behind.
We are the lucky ones; we know it.
Each silently embracing the other—in our minds
as we pass on the eerily empty streets.
Simultaneously wondering if it’s really over
if there’s more to come
Are we safe now?
Are we ever safe now?

Still as city folk so very little is spoken,
but we are just a little changed.
A nod here. A smile there.
We acknowledge each other now.
It’s small, but to us it’s huge.

A winter’s chill spreads its chilly fingers through these narrow streets,
and it slows us down today;
Silences us—
enough to feel more love and gratitude,
instead of the intended fear and anger
from these attacks.

The fog of silence fills this city, but
it prevails with reverent romance anyway!


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