Alphabet Soup

She’s a merry-go-round—
of languages.
Spinning round with four.

She spits with 90% accuracy, except–
Every now and then it happens…
they blend:
a Hindi phrase with a Telugu word,
a Telugu phrase with a English word,
or the most clashing—
a Hindi or Telugu sentence that ends with a Spanish word.

It’s automatic,
Her merry-go-around
and she laughs at her mistakes
realizing how brilliant her mind is
to store these languages,
that she hardly used in 25 years,
safely to retrieve today.

She laughs at her language blends
grateful to observe her worlds collide—
childhood and adulthood;
student and teacher.

She’s a merry-go-round—
passing through seamlessly
and only she can see the full picture.
It’s her spectrum and she loves it!

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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