A Family of Opposing Forces

Once upon a time,
an extrovert and an introvert got married
Two and four years later,
they had two children:
A child prodigy and a child hyperbole.

Neither children knew their destiny,
but they continued their lives
as the prodigy and hyperbole.

Each staying the same
yet evolving
within the strict lines
of prodigy and hyperbole.

The prodigy was worshiped
for his genius abilities.
The hyperbole adored
for her exaggerated
and entertaining charm and humor.

This is the story of what happened
when the hyperbole learned to be self aware.

School passed on
with her entertaining her friends
making memories upon memories
of adventures upon adventures.

Then one day she woke–
with nothing left to give
and went on a quest
to find the ingredients to fill her back up.

It took her almost twenty years to accept it.
angry at herself,
angry at her family
the hyperbole lived without acceptance–
That actually she was an introvert,

Not like her father
even though she had his charm
and humor
and even hairline–

The hyperbole,
the entertainer,
the queen of charm
and center of attention
actually needed silence and solitude to recharge—
The absolute opposite of her extrovert parent.

So now parent and child
were left to navigate this extreme difference.

One expecting the other
to choose to be an extrovert
and the other asking for breaks to recharge.

The hyperbole and her extrovert father.
Two of the same DNA;
two opposing forces trying to relate to each other.


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